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GPU Mining Rig

Our GPU Mining rigs are built around solid components such as high efficiency power supplies and proven motherboards that will directly support 6x PCIE. All parts are brand new sourced in the USA and qualify for full manufacturers warranty. We highly recommend you take the time to register all your Rigs components with the appropriate manufacturer. All miscellaneous manuals, cords etc that come new in the box with components used in your rig will be sent along with your rig. Original manufacturer’s packaging is not included by default. If you would like any or all of the original packaging to be sent with your rig that can be arranged for an additional shipping and handling fee.

Currently Rigs are offered with your choice of 1-6 GPUs installed.

Available GPU’s are Nvidia based 3070’s, 3080’s or 3090 GPU’s. The actual brand and model will be based on current availability at the time of order.

Rig Chassis are made out of extruded aluminum tubes and angles with the PCI risers mounted to the frame. PCI riser cards are installed into PCIE slots and held firmly by clips.



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