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Tell me more about the Rigs you build

We specialize in GPU based mining rigs which dont have large memory or CPU requirements. Their mining power all comes from the GPU’s that are installed. The rigs we build use quality new parts. Due to the worldwide chip shortage and the impact Covid has had on the supply chain its difficult for us to guarantee that any specific part numbers will be used in a rig build.

What we can guarantee is that all parts are brand new and from name brand manufacturers and have full manufacturers warranties. All rigs are built and thoroughly tested before being packed and shipped.

Which countries do you sell and ship to?

We only sell and ship within the continental United States.

How do I order one of your rigs?

Under normal circumstances one would just take advantage of our online store to place an order for a GPU Mining Rig. However with the current volatility of the supply chain we cant predict what our cost will be or even when we can get product from our distributors. With that in mind our store simply shows what our common builds are and the options at the present time. Currently if you would like to get in the queue to have a Rig built you will need to contact us and place a small deposit. We will get the parts ordered and build your system in the order it was received once we get parts from our distribution channel. Deposits are non-refundable unless we are somehow unable to fulfil your order.

On rare occasions we will build a Rig for a client and they will not go through with final payment to complete their order. When this happens we will put the Rig up for sale in our store. These will be sold on a first come first serve basis. We regret to inform you that we do not maintain waiting lists.

What forms of payment do you take and how is payment made?

Our payment gateway accepts visa and mastercard. Your Credit card details are not stored by us. If your purchasing something outside of our online store, such as a preorder GPU Mining Rig. We will clearly communicate the cost of the RIg as well as shipping and insurance costs. You will be sent an electronic invoice via e-mail for the deposit. Once we receive the deposit any hardware we don’t have on hand will be ordered from our supply chain. Once the Rig is built and tested you will receive another invoice via e-mail from our payment processor. You will have 7 days to submit payment and once payment is received you will get shipping details with tracking information. All Rigs are sent with signature required on delivery. If final payment is not received within 7 days of notification your deposit will be forfeit and the rig will be assigned to the next person who has paid a deposit and has the same rig configuration on order. If no one currently has the same configuration on order the rig will be placed in the online store for purchase.

Can I just buy parts from you, I don’t want/need a whole Rig.

Do to the scarcity of many parts used to build a GPU mining Rig our priority is on the building of rigs. With that in mind if you have purchased a Rig from us in the past and are looking to additional GPU’s to fill out your Rig we will try and accommodate your needs but you will need to contact us directly and will be required to supply your original Rig Order number. Note that you can only buy enough GPU’s to fill out your rig in this fashion.

For example if you ordered a 6 GPU Rig from us with only 4 GPU’s installed then you can can only purchase 2 cards.

On rare occasions we will also have GPU’s and misc parts available in our online store. This are first come first serve.

What kind of returns can I expect to make from my Mining Rig.

This is a very complex question and the answer depends on many factors. Currently there are approximately 8000 different crypto currencies and A fair number of them are mineable. The value of crypto currency is always in flux and there are many ways to keep an eye on the current value. Here are just a few websites where you can see the values of crypto currencies:

In terms of profitability goes it will largely depend on the current market value of the coin you decide to mine and the hashing power of the Rig you buy. The most common coin mined by GPU rigs at present is etherium and the “hashrate” represents how much any given GPU can perform. This is usually represented by MH/s or megahash per second. The values below are approximate hashrates of the geforce 3000 series of cards. PLEASE NOTE! These are approximations only and are not guaranteed hashrates.

3070 = 62MH/s per card

3080 = 95MH/s per card

3090 = 115MH/s per card

There are many websites that can help you estimate profitability based on card type, coin type, algorithm and current market values:

How much electricity will my new Mining Rig consume?

This will depend on which GPU’s you chose and how many you have installed. Generally speaking, for mining, we alter the power, core and memory frequency settings to get the most out of the card for mining. Which coin you wine will have an impact on your overall setting changes. We generally tune and test the rigs to mine etherium which means we set a lower max power limit, slow down the GPU core speed and increase the memory speed.. This means that the cards generally require much less power than if you were running high settings and gaming.

For planning purposes we suggest using the following high end values plus 50 watts for the motherboard:

3070 = 150 watts per card (fully loaded rig example 6×150 = 900 + 50 = 950 watts)

3080 = 230 watts per card (fully loaded rig example 6×230 = 1380 + 50 = 1430 watts)

3090 = 290 watts per card (fully loaded rig example 6×290 = 1740 + 50 = 1790 watts)

A typical home in the US uses 120volt power but the amperage any given circuit can handle varies greatly. Most home circuits can handle a SINGLE loaded 3090 rig as long as there is nothing else on the circuit. Its highly recommended you be very familiar with your homes electrical layout or consult a professional electrician to guide you and/or install a dedicated circuit for your mining Rig.